Our clients, particularly Veterans and First Responders, need affordable housing options, and you can help! From House to Home, Inc. is a  non-profit company that can accept home and tax-deductible donations of both money and/or volunteer hours.

Every little bit helps us help others! Read below to learn how you can help From House To Home. 

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Volunteers Needed!

Volunteers help provide services to our clients by working in the office, assisting with the programs and/or serving on the Board.  If you would like to volunteer, or need more information give us a call today! (443) 371-9200

Donate Today!

Any little bit you can donate goes a long way with us.

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Donate A Property

Did you inherit a house or have a property costing you money each month? From House to Home, Inc has accepted several properties and transform them into homes for our clients. If you would like to donate property, it’s a great way to provide a much-needed service!

Should I Donate My House to Charity?

Read the FAQ below and find out if donating your house to charity is right for you!

Donating Your House Through a Bargain Sale

A Bargain Sale is slightly more complicated than the gifting of property to a charity. Similar to the outright gift, a bargain sale occurs during the life of the donor. A bargain sale is a situation combining the outright gift and the outright sale. In a bargain sale, the property is sold to the church, charity, or non-profit organization at a reduced price. The sale price of the property will be treated as a sale. The difference between the fair market value and the sale price will be treated as the gift.

How Does a Bargain Sale Benefit From House to Home, Inc.?

Similar to an outright gift, From House To Home, Inc. has immediate access to the property to put towards the goals of the charity. This is less beneficial for the charity because the charity has to pay for the property. Consider the sale of a home worth $200,000 to the charity. With an outright gift, the charity receives roughly $200,000 in value. With a bargain sale, the charity would have to pay $50,000 (for example), in order to receive the property worth $200,000. This results in only $150,000 of benefit to the charity. In addition, the charity will have to raise the funds to pay the bargain sale price.

How Do I Benefit From a Bargain Sale?

Similar to the outright gift of property, when a donor sells the property to a charity through a bargain sale, the donor is able to see that donation at work during the donor’s lifetime. Unlike the outright gift of property, where the donor will not receive any money in return, a bargain sale, the donor is able to receive money in return. The bargain sale price is flexible and can be adjusted based on the donor’s need for the funds from the sale of the property.

What are the Tax Consequences in a Bargain Sale? What are the Drawbacks to a Bargain Sale?

There are only a few drawbacks to a bargain sale when compared to an outright gift. The bargain sale does not have the extreme result. Although the donor no longer has access to the property, in the bargain sale, the donor has received monetary value in return. This helps the donor if the money is needed to pay for a new living arrangement or other expenses.  The main drawback, when comparing a bargain sale to an outright gift is, the tax advantages are more fully realized with an outright gift.  Although the tax advantages are limited, based on the extent of the bargain, the bargain sale provides a nice opportunity for an individual who does not feel comfortable making an outright gift of property, and who could use the additional income.

Donate A Property

To determine eligibility, please complete the form below. Remember we work with real estate, tax and legal consultants who have the expertise to handle property donation. If your property is accepted, we can make the process simple and convenient.
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